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Candle Care

Handy Candle Tips:

  • Candles are like elephants! They have great memory so make sure you first burn is between 2-4 hours or until the wax melts to the edge and creates an even top layer. This will make sure you have a nice even burn every time!
  • Make sure to pluck or cut your wick before each burn and every 4 hours of burning. This will help your candle to burn longer, more even and also reduce the production of soot/smoke. I usually turn the candle upside down and just pluck the mushroom of the wick before burning, but you can also use a wick trimmer!
  • Instead of blowing out the flame, simply place the lid on top of the candle and let the wick extinguish naturally from the lack of oxygen.
  • Never leave a candle unattended!
  • Say goodbye to your candle when there is ¼- ½ inch left of wax on the bottom.
  • Keep candles on a level, and non-flammable surface
  • Keep candles out of any direct drafts or wind flow
  • Keep candles out of reach of children and pets